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May 7, 2009

Making of the Nokia N97 video (with “blood, sweat and tears”)

GLOBAL – The story behind the making of the Nokia N97 is a fascinating one that gives a real insight of what goes into to forging a flagship device from scratch (the topic of what makes a flagship device has been sizzling on Conversations recently). So this morning we were excited to get our hands on a rare video exploring the making of the Nokia N97, and as one of the creators puts it, the “blood, sweat and tears” that have gone into bringing this new device to life.

Click to watch the full-length video on the making of the Nokia N97.

There’s no disguising the fact that this video has had the Hollywood polish applied to it – idyllic sweeping landscapes, smart camera effects and a do-or-die sort of soundtrack – but I must say it certainly pushes all the right buttons as it tells the grassroots story behind Nokia’s hottest upcoming handset. If you’re already fired up about the N97 this is a guaranteed goosebump giver.

The team behind the creation of the Nokia N97 is a global one with a shared vision that’s highlighted in this video. The project is based in Tokyo, with the industrial designer in Finland, the mechanics team in Tokyo, and software teams around the globe, straddling Boston, Dallas, India, China, Singapore. Many of the key players at Nokia behind the product step in front of the lens in this rare video to tell their piece of the story puzzle that fits together to make the N97, including Tomi Kuparinen, Product Program Manager and designer Shunjiro Eguchi.

Watch the making of the Nokia N97 video here >>