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One of the most iconic and best-loved Nseries, the Nokia N73 remains a serious smartphone player touting the S60 3rd Edition flexibility you need to download cutting-edge applications from the Nokia Beta Labs and Ovi Store, alongside a powerful camera, media player and communication links. The Nokia N73 is truly geared up for globe-trotting with its two-week standby time taking you through the longest journeys, backed up by solide dual WCDMA/quad band GSM coverage, together with EDGE data support. The 3.2-megapixel camera has a mechanical shutter, sliding lens cover and close-up macro mode, and can capture video clips, too. Music is a passion of the N73, from the FM and Visual radios to support for a wide range of digital music formats, including OMA DRM 2.0 files. You can listen using the supplied stereo headset or enjoy tunes through built-in stereo speakers, with a 3D effect. The bright 2.4-inch display is large enough to edit photos and video clips – or watch them played back with a Ken Burns-effect slideshow.

What they say

“The Nokia N73feels like a phone should feel in the hand and pocket (light, comfortable, unashamedly rectangular) and yet still packs in lots of features.”

IT Reviews

If you only do one thing

Mobilize your office with the Nokia N73’s pre-loaded pen-pushing software, including QuickOffice document viewers, a PDF reader, and an email client that handle attachments. The N73 can synch with a full range of PC packages, including Outlook, and even comes with an anti-virus should you direct the smooth Mini Map Browser to the wrong parts of the web.


Understanding the Ken Burns-effect

  • Ken Burns is a US documentary film-maker who has made multi-part TV series covering a broad sweep of American history.


  • His films, such as Mark Twain, Jazz and Baseball, commonly use archival photographs, panning and zooming slowly over them while a narrator recounts personal stories and anecdotes.


  • His nine-part series The Civil War won two Emmy Awards and has been viewed by over 40 million people.


  • Burns’s latest film, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, focuses on the 58 state-owned sites of natural beauty (encompassing over 50 million acres), and is due to be shown on US public television channels in late 2009.