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Grabbing tracks on the go doesn’t get any easier than through the Nokia Music Store. It’ll work on a PC, so you can make the most of your speedy home broadband, or over the mobile network while you’re away. If you’re within a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Nokia Music Store will work at high speed through your phone too.

Of course, there’s a mountainous catalogue of music on offer. Support from all the major record labels, as well as the majority of independent publishers, means there’s enough music to satisfy every taste. But that’s not all. Nokia was one of the first companies to offer its entire store’s contents on a streaming basis for just €10 per month. That’s all the music you can listen to, for less than the price of a single album on CD. And if you want to download unlimited tracks rather than streaming them? Well, there’s always Nokia Comes With Music.

What they say

“Nokia has clearly put a lot of work into the web version of its store, since it’s easy to find your way around, with a logical and usable interface”

Stuart Dredge,

If you only do one thing

Search for your favourite artist. You’ll be surprised at the back catalogue lined up behind the Nokia Music Store. It’s absolutely immense, and it’s not just popularist chart-fillers either, there’re some genuine oddities to be discovered.


Not yet convinced the Nokia Music Store holds hidden gems? Stick these in your ears and think again!

The Beatles, Here There and Everywhere
This album of interviews with The Beatles might not contain their music, but it gives a glimpse into their personalities like no other.

Louis Armstrong, 20 Rare Outtakes
Go behind the scenes with one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time!

R.E.M, In Time (1988 – 2003) (Rarities and B-Sides)
When R.E.M released its best of collection, In Time, most attention went to the first disc, since it contained the band’s best-selling singles. But it’s this B-Sides collection that deserves your time, packed with obscure songs previously available only on import.

James Brown, A Family Affair
Rare tracks from the godfather of soul, featuring vocals from his daughters Yamma and Venisha Brown.

B-Boy Records, The Archives
Fans of hip hop owe it to themselves to check out these rare tracks from legendary New York label, B-Boy Records, home to Jewel T and Busy Boys.