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ESPOO, Finland – Today the successor to the 6600 slide officially slips into view. Bearing a subtle name change, the new Nokia 6600i slide brings with it a new wardrobe and some upgraded features, the most significant being a performance perk in the photography stakes.

Read on for the first full details of what to expect from the new Nokia 6600i slide and click through to see our first-look photo gallery.

Tucked inside its new brushed steel shell, the Nokia 6600i slide is toting an upgraded 5 megapixel camera with a dual LED flash. Boasting 3G talents, this means you’ll be able to share your shots on the move with little fuss.

In brief

  • The camera has been upped to 5-megapixels, with a dual LED flash
  • Space for up to 16GB of space
  • On board 3G, for surfing the web
  • The 6600i Slide will go on sale in the third quarter of 2009

The new 6600i features a handsome hidden external display, with the outer face equipped with touch technology, enabling you to simply tap it to bring the external screen to life or snooze alerts and silence or reject incoming calls. It comes with a 1GB microSD card tucked in the box, and has the capability to stomach up to 16GB should you wish to feast on a fatter diet of music, movies, games and apps on the go.

Built on Nokia’s solid Series 40 backbone, the 6600i slide is primed to soak up the first flood of apps and content that will soon become available via the upcoming Ovi Store.

The Nokia 6600i slide is slated to go on sale in the third quarter of 2009 for around 200 Euros. Want to see it in more detail? Get clicking though our first-look photo gallery below, and as ever leave your thoughts in the comments section below.