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May 22, 2009

Nokia at Where 2.0 videos – Ovi Maps mash-ups, Ovi Maps on N97 and more

SAN JOSE, USA – We’ve herded the best videos from the Nokia booth at this week’s Where 2.0 event, including clips of the first Ovi Maps Player mash-ups and Ovi Maps in action on the upcoming Nokia N97. The folks from the Associated Press have been working on a smart maps mash-up with Nokia, as has Lonely Planet. Click through to see demos of both Ovi Maps Player mash-ups in motion, plus get a fresh glimpse of Ovi Maps running on the N97.

Associated Press Ovi Maps Player mash-up
Michael Boord from the Associated Press steps in front of the lens to showcase the AP’s first Ovi Maps Player mash-up. As Michael explains in this short vid the Associated Press is “always looking for innovative and new ways to present news” (as it has proved previously in creating a smart AP news app for S60). This Ovi Maps Player mash-up is just as innovative, contextually associating breaking news and photos with the relevant location on the 3D map. Take a look…

Lonely Planet Ovi Maps Player mash-up
Ken Hoetmer from Lonely Planet showcases Lonely Planet’s debut Ovi Maps Player mash-up. Content from the world’s largest travel guide specialists is contextually injected into 3D cityscapes, with relevant reviews and info on locations and points of interest accessible with a quick click. See it in action here…

Ovi Maps on the N97 and the web
Here’s a quick walkthrough of Ovi Maps for your computer and a quick look of Ovi Maps running on the N97. Hit play!

Ovi Maps Player API demo
Sonny from Nokia demostrates the new Ovi Maps Player API. Get a quick insight into how it works right here.

What do you reckon to the new Ovi Maps Player. What mash-ups would you like to see?