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May 23, 2009

How to add the Nokia Conversations Blogbite to your phone

ESPOO, Finland – The Nokia Conversations Blogbite is a really fun way to keep up with our articles here on Nokia Conversations. It’s a weekly audio summary by Rob Knight and Dan McGrath, available every Friday afternoon.

To listen to it, there’s a Blogbite player in the upper right of our site, and a feed for your favorite podcast app or for iTunes.

But, what’s better, we’ve managed to include the Nokia Conversations Blogbite into the Nokia Podcast Directory, found in many Nokia phones (learn more about the podcasting app on If you have the Nokia podcasting app on your phone, the Nokia Conversations Blogbite can be found in the Featured Podcasts listing.

Below, I show you some screenshots to help you set this up.

All you have to do to subscribe to Blogbite is to go to your phone’s Podcasting application, select  Directories and then Featured.  Here’s how it goes:

1. The Podcasting app is usually in the Media or Music folder.

2. Select Directories

3. Select Featured

4. You’ll see a bunch of featured podcasts. The Way We Live Next ones are pretty good, but if you’re looking for us, we’re the second entry at the moment (hmm, just above Sesame Street?). 

5. Subscribe to Blogbite

6. Blogbite will now be in your Podcasts folder where all the new Blogbites will show up


That’s it. I hope it helps.

By the way, in addition to Blogbite, there are a ton of other ways to follow Nokia Conversations listed in a previous post.

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