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May 26, 2009

Quick note about yesterday’s quick note

ESPOO, Finland – Let’s try this again.

The buzz started yesterday with the Ovi Store showing up in folks’ Download! folder on certain operators in Asia (see report on AAS). We knew this would slip out, since so many of you are clever and eager to check out the store.

What was happening was that the Ovi Store was moving to production servers, meaning that the Ovi Store was transitioning everything, testing things out in different countries, and even having (and still having) a ton of folks on hand to follow the wind-up for the global commercial launch. Which, as you now know, is today.

Read on for more behind this story.

Trying to let you know
As is usual here, we wanted to get the word out about what was happening to make things clear. Alas, the folks involved wanted to keep it low-key so they politely asked that I not talk about it here (long story). So, sorry for the switcheroo. We did get to talk about it a bit on Twitter (we’re @nokconv).

What we wanted to say, in addition to the “preparing for launch” comment, was that during this roll-out, Ovi Store would be available through a select number of devices and in select countries (though you should be able to use with your phone browser).

That’s all.

Where is this Ovi Store?
If it’s available in your country and for your device, you can download the Ovi Store mobile app by simply selecting the Ovi Store icon in the Download folder on your device . Or you can get to the Ovi Store by simply visiting on your phone.

In the mean time, enjoy some Ovi Store videos, below.

A peek at the Ovi Store @ Web 2

Bill Perry explains the Publish to Ovi process @ Web 2

Ovi Store 101 for Developers (longer version)

Nokia Developer Summit 2009 – Pekka Pohjakallio interview