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GLOBAL – It’s rare for us to get fired up about Bluetooth stereo headsets, but the new Nokia BH-905 is a different beast that has been engineered and crafted into what can only be described as a flagship headphone accessory.

We’ve got hold a great little video that goes behind the scenes of the creation of the new noise-cancelling Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth stereo headset. Click through to watch the full video, and to get the full lowdown on these innovative ear-pleasers.

The upcoming Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth stereo headset isn’t purely designed to be paired with your Bluetooth enabled Nokia device – it’s ambition is far greater, as the BH-905 is keen to adapt and apply its talents to both home and on-the-hop use, with plugs for airplanes, home stereo set-ups (6.3mm jack), computers and other music players (3.5mm jack).

Of course it’s caller-savvy to its core, with two of its 10 microphones dedicated to making crisp voice calls – one mic soaks up your speech whilst the other simultaneously eliminates ambient noise for the listener so your conversations sound much clearer. As for the other eight microphones, these are dotted throughout the headset (see video below) to help create the best possible noise cancellation experience. Jouni Knuuttila, is an Audio Specialist at Nokia and one of the key people working on the creation of the BH-905 Bluetooth stereo headset. See the headphones in action, and hear Jouni and his fellow creators talk about what went into bringing this product to life.

The new Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth stereo headset is set to go on sale this August, and will cost around 285 Euros. Plus, scroll down the page, below the video, to see our full photo gallery of the Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth stereo headset in detail.

Watch the Nokia BH-905 video here >>