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June 10, 2009

Outrageous Nokia Headset Designs in the flesh and on tour – photo gallery

LONDON, England – Back in October 2008 we ran a story about the Music Almighty Headset Competition, which invited anyone to submit their design for a Nokia headset. Five winners were chosen in December by a panel of design and music experts and the design blueprints were then crafted into real-life working products by Nokia designers, with the plan of showcasing them in Nokia’s flagship stores. And the showcase tour has now begun, with the first stop being the Nokia flagship store in Regent Street, London, England.

Click through to see these fantastically creative headsets snapped by Nokia’s Adam Fraser, Care Specialist at the Nokia flagship store in Regent Street. Adam recently got in touch from the store floor to let us know they’d arrived (thanks for the tip!), and if you can’t get along to see them in the flesh, you’ve got to check out these must-see shots of the most unusual ear goggles you’ve ever spied.

Earning a dedicated area at the Regent Street flagship store, the winning headsets are sat proudly on plinths and encased in perspex. Take a closer look here >>

The headsets will be doing a tour of all the Nokia flagship stores over the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates on when they’re coming to a city nearest you.

We think they’re awesome. My personal favourite is the one with white angel wings and gold organ pipes and horns. The graveyard and wolfman one comes a very close second. What’s you’re favourite? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Photos from Adam Fraser