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June 18, 2009

Ovi Store poll results – over half of you already downloading content

GLOBAL – The dust is beginning to settle around the launch of the Ovi Store, with initial reactions to its arrival ranging from magnificent to miffed. So in our recent poll we thought we’d ask you if you were actively downloading content from the Ovi Store, and how much content you’d sucked onto your handset over the first few weeks. Over four hundred of you got involved in the poll, and it turns out over 50 percent of you have already begun fattening up your Nokia phones with content from Ovi Store. Read on for all the results.

The poll showed that 59% of you had already begun downloading content from the Ovi Store, with 31% having downloaded between 2-5 bite-size bits of software and 6% having downloaded 10+ pieces of content. On other side of the fence 36% of you hadn’t downloaded any content yet. If you were one of the 5% who didn’t know what the Ovi Store is, click here to read all about it in our new Almanac section.

At less than a month old Ovi Store is still in its infant stage and promises to mature rapidly over the coming months with even more content, but your reaction certainly shows that there’s an active interest in Nokia’s mobile content mall and that it’s a destination that will evolve and improve to help you get the most from your handset with no hassle. What do you think? As ever, please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

How to get Ovi store on your Nokia phone today
You can download the Ovi Store mobile app by simply selecting the Ovi Store icon in the Download folder on your device. Or you can get to the Ovi Store by simply visiting on your phone.