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June 29, 2009

Nokia online – BetaLabs Blog

GLOBAL – July is typically a quiet month here at Conversations (well, it was last year) so to see us through we’ve got a whole series of features to keep us busy for the month (which we are well aware, doesn’t start until Wednesday, but we like to start stuff on a Monday).

First up we’ll be focusing on some of the other blogs run by folks at Nokia, so check back every day this week to get a highlight on the main Nokia blogs and what each one has to offer. Don’t forget to check back throughout the month too so you can see what other treats we have in store. Today though we’re going to kick off with one of the greatest Nokia blogs of all, BetaLabs Blog.

Following a recent redesign, where a new mobile version was also introduced, BetaLabs blog goes from strength to strength. The blog was set up originally as a resource for BetaLabs to communicate with users and highlight the latest applications running in Beta. Over time the system has evolved and the wider site now includes separate sections for new applications, a feedback forum and of course the central blog.

New BetaLabs software releases are posted through the blog where users are also encouraged to leave comments and feedback. This happens to be one of the few places where users and creators can actually have an open dialogue about a new piece of software, something I personally think is quite innovative and refreshing.

The community is a central part of what BetaLabs is about and this is in evidence all over the blog – a quick flick through the latest stories will see a feast of comments and feedback from users.

BetaLabs has seen plenty of applications through its doors since starting a few years ago with apps such as Sports Tracker (a BetaLabs graduate*) being downloaded by millions whilst still in beta.

Site Editor Tommi Vilkamo also runs a monthly “contributor of the month” for those who go the extra mile with feedback and participation. This is a great shout for users and offers them worthy kudos for their efforts.

If you want to get more from your Nokia then this (along with Ovi Store) is a great place to start. You can sign up for the RSS feed, access the mobile version or simply pop on over to the blog and check it out.

*Update – our bad, Sports Tracker is actually still technically in Beta, thanks to @mbrett for the nudge.