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June 30, 2009

Nokia online – n-gage Blog

GLOBAL – Following on from yesterday’s introduction of our look at other Nokia blogs, we have the gamers’ favourite – n-gage. The n-gage blog offers the latest games charts every week along with a host of reviews round ups and the latest n-gage gaming news. The top 5 games post is a weekly chart which does what it says, helping to highlight the most popular games that week. Information on new games and games development is offered up regularly and the full archive goes right back to 2006.

Anyone interested in the latest games will get the most out of the reviews round ups. These take a look at what other sites have been saying about new games, picking out juicy quotes and offering up the star ratings from each review. The team also get access to key industry figures for interviews, which helps give a bit more depth behind what’s going on, particularly with new games under development.

Like the BetaLabs blog, users play a big part in the n-gage blog, with plenty of reason to comment (and no shortage of commenting). What’s more Ikona, from the n-gage blog, isn’t shy on comments, interacting with users regularly and giving feedback through comments. Users can also add suggestions to the site which other users can then vote on, the most popular rising to the top for the n-gage team to review.

Check out the n-gage blog at – don’t forget to tell ’em who sent ya!