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July 1, 2009

Nokia online – Nseries blog

GLOBAL – Back in the day, Nseries devices were often referred to as multimedia computers. Of course now they’re known as mobile computers, and given the likes of the Nokia N97, that’s a very fitting description. It’s fitting too, that multimedia plays a central role in the Nseries blog, the latest Nokia blog to have the Conversations spotlight shone on it. With a video on pretty much every post, the site manages to bring Nseries devices to life in a way words simply can’t, something I think adds a huge appeal to the site.

Video comes from a variety of sources, both from inside Nokia and from the wider world. Acting as a central repository for all things Nseries, the blog offers a great starting point to find out the latest goings on in the world of Nseries.

Like the other Nokia blogs we highlighted earlier in the week, community plays a vital role in the site. Users can vote on each article and commenting is rife, with pretty much every article provoking plenty of feedback and commentary.

One of the best bits though is that it also happens to highlight all the Nseries related competitions, offering readers plenty of chances to get their hands on the latest devices.

So, don’t delay, give the Nseries blog a try out today and let us know what you think.