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July 10, 2009

Vote for your favourite Nokia 3720 rugged phone video!

GLOBAL – Yesterday we unveiled the new Nokia 3720 classic. This iron-willed device has been on the receiving end of some seriously tough love this week, with every painful moment captured on film. Your response to our series of videos (which were always intended to be a bit of fun) has been great, and thanks for all your comments. So having put the Nokia 3720 classic through these brutally unscientific tests, we thought we’d find out which video you liked best by putting it to a vote.

In case you missed what we did to it, we whacked it with a golf club, booted it like a rugby ball, took a swim with it, dropped it off a very big ladder, dropped it in a pint of beer, shot at it with a paintball gun and drowned it in jelly.

Click through to see each of the videos, pick your favourite and get your vote counted.