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July 21, 2009

N-Gage Feedback Forum celebrates first birthday

GLOBAL – This week marks one year since the the N-Gage Feedback Forum first cleared its lungs and screamed into existence. This smart online social media tool enables N-Gage fans to rally together and have their suggestions heard, evaluated by their peers, and ultimately acted upon by the N-Gage team in many cases. We’re stoked to have witnessed its rapid evolution and the amount of engagement it has inspired. Congrats and happy birthday!

We’ve rounded up it’s achievements to date, highlights of what’s in the pipeline, and some of the best suggestions that are planned and under consideration. So read on for a quick snapshot of what the N-Gage development team is working on.

A bunch of suggestions have been acted on, completed, and commented on by the N-Gage team, including the following:

COMPLETED – Use 3D accelerator chip for N-gage Games (720 votes)

“Thanks for the suggestion guys, just to let you know his will be in the next release of the N-Gage SDK so game developers will be able to take full advantage then. As with many of our features it is up to developers to take advantage of these technologies in their games.” N-Gage team

COMPLETED – Make games with real time multiplayer via Arena or BT (486 votes)

“The platform support both technologies for multiplayer, it is up to game publishers to develop games that take advantage of these features.” N-Gage team

COMPLETED – Release new updates of N-Gage more often – (97 votes)

“We plan on having multiple updates to the N-Gage application on an ongoing basis. We are currently working lots of new features so keep an eye on and our blog for announcements. We in fact just released a new version in September 🙂 “N-Gage team

Visit the N-Gage Feedback Forum and leave your suggestions >>
Work has already begun on a collection of other suggestions, including these:

STARTED – Include Russian language in new N-Gage games (1,982 votes)

“Russian language will be supported in the N-Gage application and web site in the near future. As with all languages we support on the N-Gage service it is up to game publishers whether they support a particular language in their games.” N-Gage team

STARTED – Don’t lock N-Gage games to IMEI, so users can buy new phones (472 votes)

“We are actively working on a solution and this will be rolled out in the near future.” N-Gage Team

As for what’s planned…

PLANNED – Insist developers make useful demos (55 votes)

“Thanks for the feedback and we totally agree that game trials should provide a good feel for the game experience. We are working with game publishers to try and assure a more consistent and enjoyable trial experience.” N-Gage team

PLANNED – Alert users when newer game versions are available (53 votes)

“This is a great idea and we are working on a solution to bring more timely information to users on via the N-Gage application, including news about game releases and game updates.” N-Gage team

Heaps of suggestions are being reviewed, and here are a couple of the coolest ideas that are being considered:

UNDER REVIEW – Have more payment options (63 votes)

“We are investigating possibilities to expand payment options and store experience to serve our diverse global consumers.” N-Gage team

UNDER REVIEW – Release one game in the week (77 votes)

“We can’t always predict when we will be ready to release a game so we tend to release them as soon as they are available, but your idea of releasing games on a specific day of the week is a very good one and we will discuss this.” N-Gage team

Visit the N-Gage Feedback Forum >>

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