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July 28, 2009

Get your hands on Gravity for free

GLOBAL – If you haven’t got round to adding Gravity to your app collection just yet, then fear not as we have a little treat in store for you. Between now and Nokia World we’re giving away a copy of Gravity for free every week. And you don’t need to do anything. You see, we feel very lucky to have so many great commenters, and comments on Conversations (and great doesn’t always mean positive!). Without your input the site wouldn’t be what it is, so we thought a bit of summer cheer and reward was in order.

Every week we’ll be picking out and highlighting the best comment made on any of the stories written that week. All you need to do is keep commenting, or if you haven’t left a comment before, get stuck in. The winning comment each week will be judged by the Conversations editors and the judges decision will be final. There are no real rules to the comments, other than keep ’em clean and we’re after the comment that we feel adds the most to a story, either as part of the follow on dialogue in the comments panel, or as a direct reaction to what we’ve written.

To get things going, we’ve already rewarded Ramkumar R. Aiyengar who left a witty comment on the Moon Landings story. Mike had asked what would happen if the moon landings happened today, where mobiles and social sites such as Twitter play such a big role in our lives. Ramkumar came back with a simple re-tweet of what Armstrong himself might have tapped into his Twitter account:

RT @armstrong23: A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind #apollo11 #moontrip

We found it pretty funny and certainly original enough to warrant the first ever comment of the week prize, rewarded with a copy of Gravity.

So there you have it folks. The trick here I think might be to not try too hard, just keep doing what you’re doing and the best one will pick up a tasty prize.