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August 11, 2009

The award for most important feature in a web browsing device goes to…

GLOBAL – Wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First things first. Last week we tasked you with voting for what you reckon is the most important feature in a web browsing device – a subject that sparked heaps of interest, so thanks to all 461 of you that voted. Plus, many of you keenly contributed to a stack of great comments on topic (one reader even winning our coveted comment of the week award last week).

Now without further ado or any more teasers, read on to find out the results of our latest poll.

The “all of the above” option secured the most votes with 32% (a catch-all option that included the following hardware features: “big screen”, “Flash support”, “high speed connectivity”, “keyboard” and “touch”). Of course, the “all of the above” option proves that the combination of these features are important to you, and rightly so, but we were keen to nail it down to one thing. That single feature, and top of the list was a “big screen” with 19% of the vote. With that in mind, do you think there is there a minimum size for a pocket big screen when it comes to quality mobile web browsing? What’s the threshold in your opinion? I’d side with the Nokia E71 as the ideal ‘small’ big screen for on-the-move web-spinning, but keen to get your thoughts.

Next up is “high speed connectivity”, landing 15% of the vote, closely followed by “other answer” at 13%, which triggered some solid alternatives that we hadn’t listed in our poll, including “fast page rendering and navigation” and “anywhere connectivity”.

“Flash support” was next in line with 7%, followed by “touch” with 6% and “web apps” and “keyboard” each commanding 3% of the vote. Leaving “widgets” and “web services” bringing up the rear.

As ever, scribble down your opinions and reactions to these results in the comments section below.