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August 14, 2009

Comment of the week – “pixels like shifting sand”

Pixels SandGLOBALCloud computing is one of those hot topics that continues to generate heaps of interesting conversation, particularly as many of us have now begun to welcome it and experience what it can offer to our daily mobile lives. The subject again reared its fluffy head within the last seven days, in Charlie’s story entitled Of surveillance, gigalapses, and our trust in the Cloud.

This week’s winning comment was one of a number of smart and insightful points made around the topic of reliability and personal responsibility when it comes to storing our content on the cloud. It was a tough call, but the winning commenter topped the podium thanks to a sprinkle of poetic charm that wooed our scribbler side. Read on to find out who bagged this week’s comment of the week and has won a copy of Gravity, our favourite Twitter app for S60 devices.

Congratulations to Ms. Jen for a great comment on cloud computing and the issue of taking responsibility for our data (I’ve bolded up my favourite point):

Ms. Jen: “At what point, when we compute / share / create / record in the cloud do we accept that it is ephemeral and can be lost or disrupted at any time? Are our pixels like shifting sand that could be blown away at anytime? During the Twitter Brown Out yesterday, I checked back a couple of times, and then shrugged my shoulders as it reminded me of the days when Ruby on Rails kept failing Twitter and we would get the Fail Whale. It was 2007-2008 all over again. But at what point do all of us or any of us take control of our own data stream? I do a month triple backup: I make sure everything I have done is backed up to my laptop, to an external drive, and to a cloud service. I know folks who print out their blogs on top of a double/triple back up. Then again I know others who never back up & when they lose their data, they just shrug as it can be found again or one just moves on as it never seemed real to them in the first place. ;o) “

Read the full story here, and keep your comments flooding in for a chance to win a copy of Gravity!