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September 9, 2009

Nokia stories in emerging markets – what do you want to know?

Gathering data the easy wayGLOBAL – Regular readers will be familiar with our coverage here on Conversations of Nokia solutions and initiatives taking place in emerging markets, and our keen interest in shining a spotlight on the activities in rural communities and areas where a service can be life changing. Such as the Life Tools and Data Gathering projects. Yesterday we brought you an update on the Progress Project (which includes these and number of other similar projects), and a bunch of videos highlighting a few of the initiatives currently being undertaken.

However, we’re aware that we’re relaying stories on these fascinating stories and important projects, but not necessarily asking you guys what you’d like us to explore on this topic and related matters. So we thought we’d run a poll to help us find out what’s of most interest and what you’d like to see more of. Let us know, and make suggestions by selecting the ‘other’ option in the poll below. And as ever, keep your comments and opinions flooding in.