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September 23, 2009

How many phones do you carry? The results are in!

two-phonesGLOBAL – Last week we opened the Conversations polling station to find out how many phones you carry, with a view to discussing why some folk carry multiple devices and exploring the solutions related to this topic. It was great to see so many of you get involved (we counted 825 votes – not by hand, of course), and as is often the case with this sort of poll some fascinating new debates and fresh stories emerged from within the sea of numbers, including some interesting chatter on dual SIM phones. Read on to find out how many devices most of you here reading Conversations carry in your pocket(s).

The largest group of Conversations readers carry two phones. 42% of you, in fact. Many of you shared your stories as to why, including the classic work/personal duo set-up, along with heaps of other different and thought-provoking accounts. The comments section related to the poll also kicked up debate around dual SIM phones (one of which earned comment of the week) – an area that we’ve yet to fully explore, but one that we’re keen to investigate further here on Conversations. Read all the comments here.

I was surprised to discover that 10% of Conversations readers carry three phones, and 4% carry four or more. See, I’m one of the 41% of you that carry one phone, and find it hard to imagine having to lug around a pocketful of different devices. Does it surprise you that 14% of Conversations readers carry three or more handsets? Scribble down your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments section directly south.

Then there’s the 1% (5 people) that don’t carry a phone at all. It would be great to hear your stories too.