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GLOBAL – Last week we posted a reader poll here on Conversations based on your suggestions, asking you what extra functionality would you most like to see in the Nokia N900? Now, we never imagined quite so many of you would be so keen to get involved, but the response has been amazing – we just closed the poll a few minutes ago, with well in excess of 5,000 votes stuffed into our digital ballot box, making this officially the biggest poll yet to appear on Conversations.

Earning the top slot on your Nokia N900 wish list with 12% of the vote is the ‘ability to run everything on the N900 in portrait mode‘. Read on to find out how your other most-wanted suggestions fared in the popularity stakes.

MMS came in second place corralling 10% of the vote, with a number of you sharing your thoughts in the comments section. Here’s what Peter had to say:

Peter: “I use MMS a lot. So, no MMS is in fact a deal-breaker. Few of my friends have e-mail on their phones, therefor to communicate in real-time with photo’s, MMS is a necessity. I also use MMS instead of sending postcards when on holiday. Due to roaming costs this is cheaper that sending e-mail. So: please bring MMS to the N900.”

Another reader, Fadi, touched on MMS not being crucial, but it being a useful occasional feature:

Fadi: “Although this is an “old” technology and is barely used (at least by me)… but it’s nice to know that it’s there and I can send an MMS when I am truely in need to do that.”

Interestingly, the suggestion for ‘Wi-Fi music streaming and sync’ landed third place on the podium with 9% of your vote, clearly highlighting that many of you see the N900 as a prime entertainment device. Is that truly where a lot of its potential lies? It would certainly seem so, with ‘gaming’ voted into fourth place with 8%, alongside the ‘ability to use N900 as a multimedia remote control for home entertainment’ earning an equal percent of the vote. Both suggestions being ones I’d personally love to see explored and brought brilliantly to life by the dev community. Likewise the ‘ability to use phone/calling in landscape mode as well as portrait’ and being able to ‘run Symbian apps on N900 via emulator’ each landing 8% of your vote.

Next up on your N900 extra functionality wish list, with 7% is ‘social media syncing – ability to sync Facebook profile photos/birthdays to N900 contact list’. Certainly an exciting area for development. Fifth place was shared with the ‘ability to tag photos with contacts in your contact list’. Another great suggestion that struck a chord with many of you.

Extra photography talents snapped into sixth place with a ‘panoramic feature for photos’ of the shoot-and-stitch variety securing 6% of the vote. Earning the same percent of votes were ‘flashlight’ functionality and a ‘driving profile with messages automatically read out-loud when received’ – even though this was bottom of your wish list it still managed to warrant over 300 votes, which still makes it a much-wanted suggestion.

Do you agree with how the vote played out and what surprised you most? As always please share your comments directly below.