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November 23, 2009

My Daily App highlights – NIE, Wisdom Quotes and HappyWakeUp

My Daily App highlights – NIE, Wisdom Quotes and HappyWakeUpGLOBAL – It’s Ovi app highlights time, where we bring you the best new apps that have been surfaced by over the past seven days. This week’s selection brings together three apps that couldn’t be more diverse if they tried. An alarm clock, an easy way to share images and some shards of wisdom? Read on for more.

We kick things off with Nokia Image Exchange (NIE) a free download available now for Nokia Symbian S60 3.1 or 3.2 phones. Whislt most of us use a computer as our primary device for editing and sharing our photos, NIE puts your phone in the frontline thanks to an impressive range of front- and back-end features.

Once it’s found all the images stored on your phone, it lists them in a browser and lets you edit their names and properties before backing them up online. Synchronisation happens in real time, and you can share images by making them publicly visible on the NIE site. The app first surfaced in Beta Labs a while back and has recently been given an update, though it’s still considered an “experimental” app by the Beta Labs folks.

Anyone who likes to come across all clever clogs should check out Wisdom Quotes. It’s a treasure trove of intelligent musings from famous people throughout history. Containing over 3000 quotes from 70 authors it’s a veritable mobile library packing everything from Confucius to Mother Theresa, all neatly tucked away into categories for easy searching.

A daily Quote of the Day is there to provide inspiration when you least expect it, and you can forward on quotes you like to any of your contacts via SMS.
Wisdom Quotes’ pleasant touchscreen interface is easy to use, the download is just half a megabyte in size and costs £1.50 from the Ovi Store.

We finish this week’s collection with HappyWakeUp, an app that helps you develop ‘intelligent sleeping’ patterns.

HappyWakeUp works on the principle that at the end of a night’s sleep, your body swings rapidly between deep sleep and near-waking in 20-minute cycles. If you wake up in one of the deep sleep moments, you’ll feel more tired than in one of the more awake points.

This little app helps you win that lottery every time by following your breathing patterns via your mobile phone’s microphone. When you enter the phase before waking, it waits until you’re in a light sleep state before it gives your alarm the OK to go off. It will never wake you up after your scheduled alarm, and if it can’t work out the ideal moment, it just lets the regular alarm clock do its job.
Want to see it in action? Then watch this video:

HappyWakeUp is available for Symbian S60 5th edition handsets for £12.99 from Ovi Store, and you can try for a week before committing.