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The Nokia N97 mini is an extremely sociable little critter, letting you share your experiences, broadcast your thoughts and even your location, simply by tapping its high-res 3.2-inch touchscreen. The N97 mini is smaller and a pinch smarter than its big brother (it now features smoother kinetic scrolling for faster and easier browsing). Your homescreen can be personalised to focus on your network of friends and family. Or you can tweak it to be a multimedia hub focusing on its 5MP camera, video recording and tunes from the Nokia Music Store, or a powerful workhorse with HSDPA Flash web browsing, office documents and a host of communications options. Or all of the above! The N97 mini is flexible, too, with thousands of new applications to reach out and touch on the Ovi Store. All this, plus a kick-out QWERTY keyboard, 8GB of memory (expandable to 24GB) and smart GPS skills, including local weather forecasts, and dynamic content from Lonely Planet and Michelin.

What they say

“The Nokia N97 Mini has a pleasant feel in the hand, light but still solid”

Gareth Beavis, TechRadar

If you only do one thing

Become a Lifecaster with the Nokia N97 mini and Facebook – you’ll never miss a friend again. Lifecasting means being able to update your Facebook status updates direct from the homescreen, including location details (if you want to share them). With the N97 mini, you’re entering an immersive new world where your friends are always in your pocket.


  • Lifecasting is the process of streaming audio and video from your everyday life via the Internet.


  • Steve Mann, now a professor at the University of Toronto, was one of the first lifecasters, building his own equipment and streaming from his own website in the 1990s.


  • Today, there are thousands of lifecasters broadcasting some or all of their daily lives using organised networks like


  • Recently, lifecasters have started to incorporate geo-location data in their feeds.


  • Digital lifecasting is not to be confused with the artistic process of lifecasting, which involves making a 3D copy of a living human being.