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December 1, 2009

The best thing about the Nokia X6: poll results

Nokia X6GLOBAL – So the wait is over and the Nokia X6 is finally with us. It’s the beginning of a new era for Nokia – an era that is marked with an X. The first X Series handset certainly has a lot going for it, but what is top of the list? We asked you just that last week, and your answers have poured in. So let’s take a look at which of the X6’s boxes got your X…

And it’s a clear winner: The X6’s number one feature is also its most prominent feature. But we’re guessing it was one particular aspect of the 3.2-inch touchscreen that made nearly one in three of you place it top of the pile: the X6 is Nokia’s first capacitive touchscreen, and anyone who thinks that’s not significant should look at our poll results. Forum member James hit the nail on the head when he said it gave Nokia the finger responsivity so often boasted about by fans of a certain other smartphone.

Taking second place is a far less glamorous attribute, but one that’s just as much a part of what the X6 is all about – the generous 32GB of on-board storage. When you’ve got a phone that’s so good at so many things, you need plenty of space to store all that content, and 16 per cent of the vote shows you certainly recognise that.

But you’ll also get a long way with a pretty face, so much so that 15 per cent of you said the X6’s looks were its single best feature. The first time we laid eyes on the X6 we wrote about its “blow your mind design” – and we’re clearly not the only fans.

Just 11 per cent of you opted for Comes With Music as the X6’s standout feature, but unsurprisingly it was a vocal minority. We can’t say fairer than forumite Midhun’s comments:

“Say whatever you want , this behemoth is nothing but the next step in Nokia’s ultimate music device lineup.”

Midhun also pointed out one feature we missed – the X6’s awesome stereo speakers, pointing to the Nokia 5800‘s pedigree in that department as an example of what Nokia is capable of.

The reworked homescreen layout and the X6’s five megapixel camera may have taken the minor placings, but we’d say that’s more a sign of how good its other features are. Similarly, while eight per cent of you went for “nothing”, we’ll take that as meaning no one feature stands out above the others, rather than there being nothing good about the X6.

In fact, we’ll leave the last word to commenter Jose:

“The best thing about the Nokia X6 is all those aspects already mentioned combined in just one device.”