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GLOBAL – Two guesses what makes the Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition different from the well-loved Nokia 6700 classic. And no, it isn’t the included natural leather carrying case and strap or the 8GB microSD card. Still guessing? This one is gold. If bling is your thing then you’ll be all over it. The 6700 is an utterly classic device. Indeed, designer Mark Delaney describes it as “the little black dress” of phones. Well, that little black dress has just got itself some shiny gold buttons.

In brief

  • 18-carat gold finish
  • 5MP camera
  • GPS and Nokia Maps preloaded
  • Out Q1 2010 for c. €370

Okay, so it isn’t just about the 18-carat gold finish. The Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition also has some custom wallpapers to complete the gold look, alongside that carry case and monster memory card. The Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition is a well specced device, boasting a five-megapixel camera wrapped inside that glorious metal shell and of course GPS and Nokia Maps to help you find your way to the next jewelery store.


The Gold Edition is expected to go on sale in selected markets in the first quarter of 2010 with an estimated price of €370 before taxes and subsidies. To tempt you between now and then, we have this goldorious gallery for your delectation (see what we did there?).Nokia-6700-gold-3