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Forget big screen televisions – all the growth in telly-watching is going to happen in the palm of your hand. Within just two years, over 300 million people worldwide may be watching TV shows on their phones, and the new Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition is one of the most sophisticated and stylish ways to enjoy the upcoming broadcast revolution. It uses the DVB-H system (adopted by the EU as its preferred technology) and includes all kinds of features found on home TV boxes – the ability to replay 30 seconds of live TV, an on-screen programme guide, reminders of your favourite shows, and even recording to microSD cards for time-shift viewing.

Naturally, the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition is also a fully-featured 3G handset, with a 3.2-megapixel camera, media player, Nokia Messaging, a Flash-capable Opera browser, and connects to the Ovi Store for downloading apps. A powerful battery gives days of standby, hours of talktime and even a healthy five hours’ of TV to get you through those long journeys. The only drawback? Mobile TV broadcasting remains in its infancy, even within Europe.

If you only do one thing

Turn on, tune in and drop everything else to watch live, flicker-free telly on the Nokia 5330’s sparkling 2.4-inch, QVGA display. 16 million colours and top quality stereo sound complete a home cinema experience on the move.


A couple of countries that have embraced and are leading the charge on DVB-H broadcasts that you can watch on the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition…

Finland – The spiritual home of Nokia has a well-developed DVB-H system, serving up to two million people in the Helsinki area with multiple channels. 60% of the population will have access to mobile TV by the end of 2011.

Austria – Launched a trial DVB-H service last year to coincide with the Euro 2008 championship, as did the Netherlands and Switzerland. Sports are predicted to be one of the major drivers for mobile TV.