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December 29, 2009

Best service announcement from 2009

ovi_storeGLOBAL -In the second of our series of three poll results (check out yesterday’s Product winners), we take a look at the Nokia services that got you excited this year. And it was a close run thing with both the Ovi Store and Ovi Maps sharing top slot with 23 per cent of the vote. Ovi forms the centrepiece for services at Nokia and never more so than 2009 have we seen that come to life, with more and more elements coming together under a single brand, with single sign on and myriad other benefits making for a compelling suite of services for any Nokia user.

Joint winner: Ovi Maps 3.0 (23%)

Sharing top slot with Ovi Store is the ever-growing Ovi Maps, now on version 3.0 and with a plethora of new features added in 2009. Roll on even more in 2010!

We said: “The possibilities here are pretty endless”

You said: “Ovi maps is much better than many standalone navigation solutions and integration with Ovi maps for PC is cool” – commented Burak

Joint winner: Ovi Store (23%)

It’s evolved faster than we could believe since it launched in May this year, so it’s no wonder Ovi Store is sharing top slot in our poll. Next year promises to be even more exciting for Ovi Store users.

We said: “It’s a moment that many believe is set to spark a rapid evolution in the way we all use our mobile devices”

You said: “It works fast and buying/downloading could not be easier. Well done Nokia” – commented miksuh

Third place: Nokia Messaging (19%)

Nokia Messaging has evolved rapidly through 2009 and the latest versions are boasting some very cool features, bringing social messaging into the mobile messaging mix. It’s a solid foundation for messaging on the move and is set to continue to develop and grow through 2010.

We said: “Disarmingly fast, easy to set up and supports HTML email as well as plain text message”

You said: “This app is very very nice” – commented Salvatore Serafino

Check back tomorrow for our low down on your favourite apps from 2009.