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January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

conv-fireworksLAPLAND, FINLAND – Happy New Year, Conversations readers!! It’s Phil here, your favorite Editor-in-Chief. Greetings from a remote cabin in Northern Finland, well above the Arctic Circle, where I’ve tried to escape the internet for a week; but to my surprise, a 3.5G connection is not only available but strong! Resistance is futile. (Any reader of this blog knows that turning off your mobile phone is simply not an option)

To all those in the world who’ve been celebrating holidays, I hope you’ve all had a relaxing time with friends and family. And to everyone around the globe I hope 2010 brings you continued peace and prosperity.

I just wanted to thank each of you for making Conversations such a big success during the past year. During the past month we’ve broken the 350,000 visits/month mark, just a phenomenal achievement for a blog that’s been in existence less than two years. And in my six months leading this blog, I’ve just been blown away with all the stimulating discussions, kind words, and useful feedback I’ve received from all of you. So again: A sincere Thank you!

Without giving too much away, I wanted to share a few of our exciting plans for 2010…

– As mentioned in an earlier post, we’ll be expanding Conversations into Mandarin Chinese. Obviously not everyone speaks English and our aim is to reach as many readers as possible, so starting with the world’s most spoken language seemed like to obvious plan. And we won’t stop there, we have two other languages in the works for 2010 and we’ll share more details as soon as they’re ready.

– The Rugged and Nokia N900 videos have been such a success, we’d like to continue doing more fun specials like these in the new year. Look for two of these kicking off during the next couple months.

– How about Nokia’s first product launch exclusively on Conversations? Think we could compete with traditional marketing methods? I do.

Although we’ve done *some* planning for 2010, it’s far from over. Tell us what else we should do! What would you like to see in 2010? What did you like from 2009? What didn’t you like? What new features should we add in the new year? Let’s make it happen!

Looking forward to chatting with each of you in 2010 and beyond!