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GLOBAL – Last week Nokia bulldozed the tollgate on mobile sat nav, with the landmark launch of free voice-guided navigation for smartphones. Brought to life via the latest mobile version of Ovi Maps, news of its release on a selection of existing Nokia handsets, including newly added N97 support, has sparked a bunch of excitement, debate and eager questions. So to wrap up the week, we thought we’d pull together a few video highlights to give you a chance to see Ovi Maps navigation in action, along with another glimpse at what goes into making the maps. Join us after the jump and hit play.

Free navigation on your Nokia smartphone – Here’s one of the first promo videos to be launched, which offers a smart overview of what’s on offer with Nokia’s new free navigation service through Ovi Maps.

Ovi Maps drive and walk navigation in action – This short video gives you a proper look at how voice-guided navigation behaves when you’re behind the wheel or on foot. It’s a little cheesy, but certainly worth watching.

Making maps with NAVTEQ – We hitch a ride with one of the teams from NAVTEQ on a map-making mission to discover how the data is gathered to create the maps used for navigation via Ovi Maps.