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March 24, 2010

This week in videos

Nokia N86 timelapse screen shotsGLOBAL – Over the past two years we’ve uploaded 428 videos onto our Nokia Conversations channel over on YouTube. Five minutes of fame has been granted to the latest Nokia services, new handsets and devices as well as Nokia spokespeople. Here’s our look at the videos you’ve been watching over the past seven days.

This week we launched Nokia environmental team’s easy to be green campaign with a couple of handy videos about how you can be kinder to mother earth.  Also, the Nokia Conversations team unveiled what we think makes a great concept device as part of Design by Community, a Nokia fan captures the day on his N86, All About Symbian caught up with Lee Williams, Executive Director of Symbian and Ovi offers you the chance to win Nokia GPS phones.

Ready for this weeks visual treats? Join us after the jump.

Easy to be green – Going green with your do-it-all device and browsing the Internet using your mobile device

In a bid to be kinder to planet earth over the coming weeks we’ve got a series of videos showing how easy it is to be green from the Nokia environmental team. The first video looks at browsing on the go and how this can help us have less of an impact on the environment. The second video is all about convergence and how having one device can not only save energy but also cut CO2 emissions. Feeling green? Watch the videos for more. Once you’re done head over to the easy to be green page to vote in our green poll and look out for more handy videos over the coming weeks.

Going green with your do-it-all device

Browse the Internet using your mobile device

Design by Community Nokia Conversations team vox pops video

We’ll be running a series of vox pops during Design by Community and the team here have nudged to the front of the queue to leave you our thoughts.  Watch the video to find out what our dream concept device would be and what we think a concept device should be.

How one Nokia N86 captured the day

This great time lapse video of Subjang Jaya, Malaysia from sunrise to sunset was captured by Cheng Wei Lau using only his Nokia N86. It certainly showcases the imaging prowess of the snap-taking titan. Watch the video and if you feel inspired head out there and don’t forget to let us know of your endeavors. We’ve had a few responses already, head over to the article page to check them out.

Lee Williams Executive Director of Symbian on MWC 2010

Admittedly this video was uploaded last week but it’s still worth a look. All About Symbian catches-up with Lee Williams to chat about what Symbian announced during this year’s Mobile World Congress show in Barcelone. Look out for the ducks on stilts is all we have to say.

Win great Nokia GPS phones with Ovi Maps

Use Ovi Maps? Ovi is looking for ways it can improve the service and they want you to get involved. Submit your ideas via video, post or email  to for your chance to get your mitts on some Nokia GPS devices. Watch the video for more.