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March 30, 2010

Suggest your best baby names! Design by Community concept device


GLOBAL – We’re a little over two weeks into the gestation period of our Design by Community concept device, meaning it’s time to start thinking about baby names. We want you to begin sharing your suggestions, so we can collectively discuss and identify a shortlist of names over the coming weeks right here on Conversations, with a view to voting for your favourite ready for when the infant device emerges from sketch pad and becomes a tangible 3D computer render that we can tickle under the chin.

Join us after the jump to start sharing your ideas for what we should call our Design by Community concept device.

nokia bh-905

UPDATE: A cool prize bundle will be awarded to the person who comes up with the best name that is ultimately voted the favourite by the community. The winning reader will walk away with a Nokia Bluetooth Stereo headset BH-905 worth around £200 (pictured), plus they’ll get a bunch of goodies from the Nokia promo shop that resides at Nokia headquarters in Finland. Submit your suggestion (and a reason behind the name) for a chance to win!

So what’s in a handle, and how should we all be approaching the name game? I guess you expect a product name, especially one for a concept device, to evoke a sense of opportunity, unchecked vision and dare I say mystery. With that in mind I thought Morph was an inspired name concocted by the Nokia Research Center for its shape-shifting concept phone of the future that it co-created with the University of Cambridge. What did you think of it?

But getting back to the matter at hand of naming our concept device, what are the other main considerations? Let’s get the ball rolling with a few things worth bearing in mind before you begin to put finger to keyboard. Firstly, this device is going to be the result of a collaboration between you the readers, all of us here on Conversations, and a few kind folk who’ve agreed to get involved over in the Nokia design team. It should also bear a name badge that gives you excited little goosebumps. So, I don’t think names such as Stanley or Michelle are going to cut it, lovely names as they are.

Alongside this, surely the device’s attributes should be considered. We already know the Design by Community concept device will have a 4-inch 16:9 capacitive touchscreen with buttons for power, camera zoom and volume control. It’s will also feature a monoblock form factor and measures in at 60mm wide x 110mm tall, with a waistline of 6-10mm. Plus it’ll have an automatic lens cover. This week it’s all about voting on materials. Then we’ll be onto operating system, followed by the questions of connectivity, camera and enhancements. Agreed, we only have a partial picture of what our concept device will be like, hence why this process needs to evolve over the coming weeks. Nonetheless, there could be a suggestion made today that resonates and holds true until we put a shortlist together for voting in around a month’s time, so don’t hold back.

But is there something we’re missing here in terms of what needs to be considered? If so, share your opinions and suggestions right here.

Think you’ve got an idea for the perfect name for our concept device? Scribble it down in the comments section below.