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Announced back in December 2009, Symbian^3 is now completely open source and has evolved into an even smarter operating system. The biggest change comes to the user interface and the introduction of multiple homescreen support, as found on the Maemo-powered Nokia N900. Multiple homescreens will be fully customisable with widgets able to be dragged and dropped into position, making it easier to organize your favourite apps. Multi-touch is another boon, letting you use smart touch gestures, such as pinching and stretching with finger and thumb, to easily zoom in and out of images with maximum precision.

Symbian^3 has the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously. Watch videos whilst listening to music or catching-up on the latest from your favourite websites. Multitasking has previously been a talent reserved for handsets at the highest end of the device spectrum, so this marks a serious evolution for Symbian and ushers in a new type of experience as yet untouched on mid-range Nokia smartphones.

The premium experience exuded by Symbian^3 carries through to entertainment. It supports HD output, meaning you’ll be able to hook your phone up to your hi-def TV, and playback videos and photos that you’ve captured on your handset in big-screen quality. The same goes for games, so dust off your thumbs.

There’s also a barrage of network improvements, including the ability to automatically switch from cell network to WLAN automatically, without interruption. It’s also primed for 4G networks.

The Symbian^3 platform is now complete and is featured on the Nokia N8, shipping now, as well as the Nokia C6, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7, expected to ship before the end of 2010.

What they say

“UI that’s three times faster and runs at a super smooth 60fps, better multitasking and crucial actions pared down to a few taps (like set up email
in 2 steps, not 4).”

If you only do one thing

Use multiple apps simultaneously. Symbian^3 has been crafted to enable you to do everything at once without slowing down performance. Listen to music, browse the web, play a game and answer a call on a phone that won’t slow to a crawl.

Miscellany Symbian^3 promises to be a great update, but in the world of music it’d be seen as Nokia nailing that forever difficult third album. Likewise, sometimes there are those that get it spot on third time round. Here are our top three favourite third albums…

Oasis, Be Here Now
Despite it being a seriously tall order to follow ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory’, this album became the UK’s fastest selling album. Featuring hits such as ‘Do you Know What I Mean’, and ‘All Around the World’ this set-up the Gallagher brothers for world domination yet again.

The Clash, London Calling
A regular fixture in great albums run-downs this has gone on to be one of the most celebrated albums of all times. Including iconic songs such as ‘London Calling’ this is punk rock for the masses.

Blur, Parklife
The album that elevated the band into pop icons status. ‘Parklife’, the single remained in the British charts for a record 90 weeks. Not bad for a concept album.