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May 19, 2010

Terminal mode steps up a gear

Open-roadGLOBAL – First announced last month, the Terminal Mode specification has now been released as a proposed industry standard for bringing mobile apps to cars. Nokia together with CE4A (Consumer Electronics for Automotive) have opened the specification up to all automotive and mobile device manufacturers, in a bid to generate wide adoption.

Nokia has already begun collaborating with a number of auto manufacturing leaders including Alpine Electronics, Continental, Fiat and Valmet Automotive, amongst others. Timo Ali-Vehmas, head of compatibility and industry collaboration at Nokia said

“Nokia is an active member of many open standardization initiatives and forums globally, and is keen to enable open collaboration and broader use of innovation for the faster adoption of new services and products for the benefit of consumers.”

We’re still in the embryonic stages of Terminal Mode but already it’s looking very exciting, both for Nokia and for us as consumers. Think about Ovi Maps on your device working seamlessly with your in-car display to provide free drive navigation (and walk, of course, when you’re not in the car). The potential goes well beyond basic functions such as being able to make and receive calls seamlessly, or access your phone’s contacts using the car’s controls. We could well be looking at a future where apps developed for mobile devices could be as useful in car as they are on your device.

Certainly makes you think. What kind of apps do you think could come out of terminal mode? How would you like to see your mobile device work with your car?

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