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June 1, 2010

What are your three essential pieces of kit to survive a long trip? (Poll results)

threedevices_resultsGLOBAL – The Conversations team has certainly been out and about over the past few weeks. Ian and JBC have just returned from their week long trip to Miami to launch the Latin America version of Conversations, Nokia Conversaciones; a couple of weeks ago, JBC jetted off to China and I’ve just got back from my first trip to Nokia HQ in Espoo, Finland. We’ve had to think carefully about the kit we’ve taken along for the ride and it prompted us to ask you last week, what are your three essential pieces of kit to survive a long trip? I for one would have to go for my mobile phone, laptop and music player, but did I pick wisely and do you guys agree? Read on after the jump as we reveal your must-have tech to survive a long trip.

Unsurprisingly, at the top of the list as the device that you’d have to take on a long trip is the mobile phone. Over 1,600 of you voted and 556 votes were for the mobile phone, making it an easy winner with 34 per cent of the vote. It’d be interesting to find out what uses you guys have for your mobile phone. Does it replace your sat-nav and media player?

Interestingly, using your mobile as a camera doesn’t seem to be on the cards, as taking second place as the must-have piece of kit on a long journey is the digital camera with 15 per cent of the vote. Could mobiles like the Nokia N8, with its massive megapixels, change this? What is it about the digital camera that makes you take it along?

Third place falls to the laptop. I for one wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without mine and 14 per cent of you guys agree with me. Gone are the days of reading a good book on a long plane journey my laptop is stacked with downloaded content that could keep me amused for weeks.

Taking fourth place, after the top trio is a music player, with ten per cent of the vote. With mobiles now competing with the music player market, could we soon see music players disappear completely? As we get more mobile does the number of devices we lug around decrease? JBC picked up an interesting point on his travels to China as he noticed that the Chinese consume almost everything on their mobile device, from TV programmes to movies and games.

Fifth place was nabbed by the sat-nav, with nine per cent of you choosing to include it in your trio of devices to take on a long trip. Again would this figure be higher a couple of years ago? It’s clear to see that services like Ovi Maps are having an effect and you guys seem to be turning to your phones to point you in the right direction.

Looking further down the list and to the bottom three, the most defunct device and one that only 0.5 per cent of you featured it in your top three was the harddrive. The device was even beaten by the binoculars that – miraculously – four per cent of you voted to have it in your top three.

As usual, the other answer option didn’t fail to deliver some interesting choices. A number of  you seem to refer to your friends as pieces of kit, answering that good company would be in the top three. Other answers included a credit card but, again, could the mobile phone make this old hat before too long? It’s clear to see from the results that the mobile phone is by now multipurpose, but what else would you like your phone to do? Let us know in the comments down south.