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June 2, 2010

And the winner is…

Baby-rattleLONDON, England –  It’s time to unveil the winner of our Design by Community baby name contest. Over the past few weeks, you’ve all been putting your grey matter to the test in a bid to specify a community-created concept device and along the way, we also asked you to come up with a name for it. Hundreds of names were put into the hat and thousands of votes were cast throughout the longlist and shortlist process. But – drumroll, please – we can reveal that the winner is… Nokia U. Yes, from the 148 entries, and many thousands of votes, the winning name for the Design by Community device is Nokia U submitted by Burak. Naming a device is no easy feat. This is made even harder when the device is just a concept and the name must be decided by the community but you did us proud, and Nokia U is a very clever suggestion. The letter U is multilingual and is pronounced similarly across the globe and it also sums up the whole ethos behind Design by Community: it’s designed by and for you (U). Congratulations again to Burak who proposed the winning name and to everyone else who managed to make it onto the shortlist of 15.  Burak, you’ve bagged yourself a whole load of kudos and a new pair of Nokia headphones. It’s not over yet, though, we’ve prepared a brief including all the voting results and related comments collected over the last few weeks. This has been passed to the designers, who are now beavering away behind the scenes, preparing concept sketches. It’s taking a tad longer than we expected to get all your required specs into the sketches, but we should have something for you guys to have a look at in the coming weeks. We’ll choose again once the sketches arrive and then move on to the 3D renders. In the meantime, what do you guys think of Nokia U? Does it stand for everything you hoped for from Design by Community? What do you think of the final specs? Let us know in the comments below.