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May 17, 2010

Naming the baby final vote – Design by Community

Poll-chartLONDON, England – This is it folks, the final stage of voting for naming the baby. Last week you helped whittle down the list of 148 names to just 15 top contenders. Now we present them here for you to vote for your favourite. The winner will walk away with a whole load of kudos and a new pair of headphones. So you can make the best choice, we’ve outlined what the meaning is behind each of the 15 suggested names. Read on after the jump to see the reasons and choose your favourite.

Naming a device is no easy feat. Made even harder when the device is just a concept and the name must be decided by the community. But name it we must and with your help we’re confident the best one will be chosen. We’ve outlined the shortlisted names and reasons below, and once you’ve had a chance to browse through, hit up the poll at the bottom to lay down your vote. Remember though, you must choose your favourite only and we’ll be keeping the results hidden until we reveal them in the Nokia Conversations newsletter on Friday (they’ll be announced on the site later this Friday afternoon).

Interestingly, we have two suggestions for a similar name. Nokia U was voted to the top on two occasions, as both Nokia U and Nokia U series, and as such you can now choose which reason you prefer.

Nokia Aurora – a device that people have been dreaming from nokia and now it’s coming and sky is the limit for the success of this device

Nokia Alpha – since it is the first phone having its design and features designated by THE “community” (more of the end customer). Secondly it shall be the first phone with what people wants that is: superb graphics, exquisite material, outstanding phone software, outstanding performance
last but not least AN AFFORDABLE PRICE (which may be thought as an utopia as we cant’ have the bread, the money for the bread and the baker’s daughter  )) )

Nokia Ace – the best device and services!

Nokia Fusion – I suggest this name in particular because it somehow evolve and conceptualised the ideas, technology and innovations which Nokia are capable and known for which can surpass time and even imagination…

Nokia eVo – sounds better and epitomises evolution… isn’t that what this experiment is all about?

Nokia Inspire – A device inspired and formed by the community

Nokia Nova – that means new and also a bright exploding star.

Nokia Link – link to the world

Nokia Magnum – This phone is supposed to be Nokia’s best phone in the future, so I think this name is suitable.

Nokia Sense – if it’s GPS and shake/motion focused

Nokia U – U is a letter that exists in many languages alike. As far as I know and researched, its pronunciation is also same or close in different languages. It’s either pronounced as “you” or “oo” in the word “moon” or “soon”. (I know English, Turkish, German, Spanish and Japanese and to validate this)

Nokia U Series – Series U For Ultimate Jajaja I Think Nokia U Terminator – And once the device actually makes it into production, resistance will be futile!

Nokia Soul ( as the device is for new souls designed for people)

Nokia Unity – designed by the community, for the community”

Nokia V7 – (seven is a nice number, quite high class, with a scale from 0 to 9, if I base Nokia used for C3, C5, E6). Vanguard suggest innovation in technology