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GLOBAL – Good news from Nokia for owners of the Nokia 6700 classic. The latest software update has been released (if you don’t already see it, just wait a few more days, it’s being rolled out as we speak) bringing a number of enhancements to the device. Headlining the list of its new capabilities is the arrival of free, voice-guided, turn-by-turn drive navigation and an upgrade to the latest maps data – version 14. Join us after the break to see what else is in store for owners of the device.

Software update sw13.10 also contains several other improvements for owners of the Nokia 6700. The camera software has been somewhat improved, with one-step autofocus and the automatic rotation of the menu text to portrait or landscape mode as required. Bluetooth audio connections are more robust and reliable. To make the most of the improved navigation options, the menus have also been tweaked to allow faster access to the application. Overall stability has also been improved.

This ‘little black dress of phones’ – in the words of its designer – the Nokia 6700 classic is a phone for people who don’t want something that looks like a mobile computer in their pocket. It’s all about restraint and refinement. Yet appearances are somewhat misleading – it’s actually no slouch when it comes to features, with a five-megapixel camera, GPS and HSDPA data capability.

Please check with your operator on the availability of the update. It will soon be available to download from the product support section of your local Nokia site.