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July 6, 2010

Conspiracy For Good – Update

CFGLONDON, England – The augmented reality drama Conspiracy For Good has been gathering pace over the past two weeks. Next weekend sees the launch of the third free game that has appeared as part of the action. It also heralds the first of the live events incorporating actors, mobile devices and augmented reality. Note to people who are already following the drama – this post contains no clues, codes or hidden links. Sorry.

For those of you who missed it when we first introduced the project, Conspiracy For Good is a drama that is taking place on the Internet, on your mobile device and offline. It’s developed by Heroes creator Tim Kring and sponsored by Nokia. The audience also plays the part of activists and supporters of the eponymous organisation, Conspiracy For Good, and can join in and help direct the action by solving various puzzles spread across different media.

The organisation’s website is the main hub for the events of the drama, although the action spreads across different social media forums, via. secret websites that are only revealed as the story unfolds, through applications on your mobile and through Ovi Maps.

Here’s an example of some of the ways events are unfolding, mainly spoiler-free:

  • A free game is released on OviStore called Exclusion. (It’s quite good, by the way). There’s no obvious link to CFG aside from the logo. However, as you play it, level codes and other surprises are unlocked.
  • These game codes relate to a hidden website where archived recordings from CFG activists are found in an encoded form.
  • Meanwhile, a hidden forum is discovered behind the main site. To get proper access, you need to follow a web-based puzzle that involves finding hidden objects, translating messages from other languages and codes.

Thankfully for latecomers to the conspiracy – or if that all sounds a bit like hard work – the team behind it all has released a series of recap posts on the site, including this video.

This Saturday, a new augmented reality game is planned for release on OviStore, together with the live action event in London, the first of four, it seems. The former will be free, while the latter requires registration – though it’s also free.

There’s no doubt that this is an interesting experiment in storytelling and we’ll be interested to see the reports of the live action events. Let us know your thoughts on the latest developments, below.