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It’s hip to be square if you happen to be the Nokia X5. It plugs part of the gap between the Nokia X3 and Nokia X6, and it certainly does it in style. You may be reminded of the good old MiniDisc player in its visual stylings and the musical connection is definitely correct when it comes to this device’s specialisms. The Nokia X5 features excellent sound quality, dedicated music keys and includes Ovi Music and Comes with Music in some regions. It’s not a one-trick-pony though. There’s a full QWERTY keyboard ready for some IM and webmail action and the camera offers 5 megapixels, 4X digital zoom and an LED flash. Onboard memory comes in at a modest 200MB, but there’s a 2GB Micro-SD card included, which can be upgraded up to 32GB. You’ll need some juice to power all those features and the X5 doesn’t disappoint. The battery life comes in at an impressive 16-days standby time or 24 hours music playback from a full charge.

If you only do one thing

Attempt to become a budding DJ. On the Nokia X5 you can spin the phone to switch to a new random track; while shaking it reveals the number of unread messages waiting from your friends.


Musical magician it may be, but the Nokia X5 has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Bluetooth 2.0 is on board and makes it easy to swap music, access tunes on your computer and connect bluetooth enabled headsets. We can certainly see the value of Bluetooth on the Nokia X5; when it comes to the devices below, we have no idea.

Cute Circuit Hug T-shirt
When talking to your loved ones just isn’t enough reach for the Cute Circuit Hug t-shirt. Using the power of Bluetooth, you can hug your significant other over the phone. Just don the t-shirt, dial the number, and when you feel the urge to squeeze, just touch an area to send your love waves through your phone. We have no idea.

If the thought of switching your phone off to sleep leaves you in a cold sweat, you should seek help. Alternatively, you could invest in the perCushion. The high-tech pillow comes with an in-built Bluetooth receiver, meaning you can answer and make calls from under the duvet.

Bluetooth enabled lederhosen
One for the thigh-slapping, beer drinking, Bavarian dancer. Swig away and answer calls using your sewn-in mobile phone. There’s not much more we can say about this one; it’s just bonkers.