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One thing we know about the Nokia Eseries line-up is that they can get down to business. The Nokia E5 is a stay-up-all-night, get-the-deal-done, buy-low-and-sell-high handset. Basically, it’s the Richard Branson of the mobile world. Before we delve into the array of features, let’s ponder the battery life. There’s 18 hours and 30 minutes talktime (in GSM mode). And 29 days standby time. All the coffee beans in South America couldn’t keep us going for that long.

Packing the latest version of S60 3rd edition, the Nokia E5 boasts a suite of homescreen features including one-click access to your favourite contacts and your favourite social networks. It also boasts Facebook updates direct to your contacts list and the latest version of Nokia Messaging. There’s support for multiple email accounts, including popular mail services such as Ovi Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and for the business folk, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.  Ovi Maps makes sure you’re facing the right way to make it to the sStock Exchange and the slimness of the device avoids that unsightly bulge in your pinstripe suit. Still looking for more? It can match any tie colour you care to mention, coming in five different hues – Carbon Black, Chalk White, Sky Blue, Copper Brown and Silver Grey.

If you only do one thing

Get yourself onto Ovi Store and get among the business apps. Once you’re done downloading, you’ll make Donald Trump look like a greengrocer. What was that? The beta of our stock is negative? Sell, sell sell!


Like they say: “A Nokia E5 is a businessman’s best friend.” OK, we said that, but you won’t go far wrong with this device in your back pocket. Just don’t do any of these five office email blunders:

Reply All
Check, double check and triple check that you haven’t sent the email berating your boss to everyone. Also, if you have a direct question to one person, avoid the round robin emails. They’re just annoying.

Be polite
It might be digital but that doesn’t mean you can be rude. You wouldn’t just walk up to someone and bark an order at them, a quick hello and a thank-you goes a long way.

Get to the point
Avoid: Hi, how are you. I hope you’re well and the thing that you did last weekend went OK and that thing that we talked about last time, that has no relevance to this email, is all going well. Just wondering that following the call we had and the previous email I sent you to check whether you were at your desk if you’re around this week? I’m really busy with other stuff that I don’t need to tell you about but was wondering if we could have a meeting? Just say: Hi, are you free for a meeting this week?

Funny emails
Yes, that email with the sneezing Panda is quite funny but the one with the exploding ant in the microwave is just pointless. Be selective with your funny round robins.

Think twice
You might be angry with an email you received, but don’t just fire-off a long ranting note. Have a breather and more than likely you’ll end up thinking that you were overreacting. Just a bit.