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GLOBAL – The Nokia N8 is a whole new breed of camera phone. No other mobile comes close to the quality you can produce using its Carl Zeiss optics and large 12-megapixel sensor. But not all of us have the training to make professional-looking videos and photos. To help you make the most of this new capability, we’re introducing a new series that will run every day for the next couple of weeks – the Nokia N8 Camera School. It’s tutorials, tips and ideas to help you develop your skills and produce better results in still photography and video.

Your host for this series is Haje Jan Kamps, one of the leading authorities on digital photography and author of the acclaimed blog.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet got a Nokia N8 to hand – Haje’s articles will help any photographer and film-maker with any equipment to improve their work – though they will help you most if you do get the latest mobile supermodel, of course.

Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to. Keep this post bookmarked – we’ll fill in the links as the articles and videos go online.


Video: a professional product shoot

Making your mates look their best

Party photos

Video: Nature Photography

Amazing landscapes

Sharing images online

Video: Photography Inspiration

Finding free software

Three things to edit on every photo

Video: Urban Landscapes

Controlling depth of field for better snaps

Taking a closer look

Video: Street Photography

Back of the net action photos

Photo motion


10 tips for storytelling

Scripting a video shoot

Video: The Multimedia Reporter

Distributing your videos

Editing to music

Video: Making a Music Video

Better lighting for better videos

Capturing your fave band

Video: Action Sequences

Nature vids

Action video shots

Video: Storytelling

8 shots and how to use them

Better dialogue

Video: Hollywood Lighting

image credits: Zach Dischner and Haje Jan Kamps