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ESPOO, Finland – Nokia today launches a new accessory for the Nokia N8, C7 and their Symbian^3 stablemates: Nokia Digital Radio Headset, DAB. Like the DVB-H television adapter announced a few weeks ago, it makes use of the device’s USB-On-The-Go feature to add extra hardware and software features. Find out more about what it offers and how it looks after the break.

Why do you want this rather than the regular radio player that comes with your device? DAB digital radio offers a much clearer reception, less interference and better sound quality than traditional analogue radio and has proven a great success here in the UK and in other European countries. The device also supports the emerging DAB+ standard, which uses a more efficient audio codec.

The adapter works automatically when you plug it into the micro-USB port on the N8 and comes with ergonomic, in-ear headphones – it can also be used with your own headphones provided they have a 3.5mm jack. The device also offers call-handling, channel and volume controls. The adapter weighs 30.5g and measures 55 x 23 x 14.5mm.

Radio software on your mobile device allows you to choose and save stations, shows artist and track information and will show pictures when offered by the broadcaster. Using a feature called Smart Tuning, it automatically chooses the clearest reception in cases where your chosen station exists on alternative frequencies. The software will either be included on your mobile device or be downloadable from Ovi Store and the device’s support pages.

Note, though, that you should check whether the DAB service is available in your own country before purchase – it’s available across most of the world, though there are some notable exceptions, such as the US and South America.

Nokia Digital Radio Headset DAB.JPEG

The product works with the Nokia N8, C7, E7, C6-01 and future Symbian^3 devices that offer the USB-To-Go function. Before any local taxes or subsidies, the device should cost £40- £45 and become available in the fourth quarter 2010 starting from the UK.

image credit: euthman – for the antique radio image in the carousel.