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GLOBAL – Welcome friends, and welcome once again to Friday. Today is the day that we have a rummage around the World Wide Web and look at what other people are saying and typing. We look at people’s phone related stories or anything else that catches our eye. Read on to find out what’s made it into our Pick and Mix this week.

  • Vaibhav Sharma from The Handheld Blog believes Ovi Music Unlimited is a winner service. He explains about how it’s evolved over the years from multi-click activation, to a no-hassle one-button press feature that is now his most used Ovi service.
  • A report from the United Nations suggests that mobile phones help lift the poor out of poverty and can improve the livelihoods the poorest people in developing countries.
  • Bounce Boing Battle is a great game for two, so have you ever played it or seen it being played? This video shows the game in action using two Nokia 5530s. It’s just come out for the new N8, too, and it’s free.
  • Tomi T Ahonen examines the evolution of money in an article on Communities Dominate Blogs. From where it’s been, where it currently is to where it’s going. He sees a future where money is virtual and our phones are used as the payment method.
  • In last week’s Pick and Mix we shared a story with you that suggested touch screen phones were the perfect environment for a virus or bacteria to thrive. Ewan Spence from AllAboutSymbian writes about this news but looks at it from a different angle.

What do you make of the links above? Should we be following your blog? Or should we be following someone else? Let us know below.