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GLOBAL – Last week, we showed you how to edit photos right from your Nokia N8 using the built-in photo editor. Today, we continue the tips and take you through the video editor software so you can try your hand at becoming the next Steven Spielberg. Keep reading to find out all about the Nokia N8 video editor.

You’ll find the video editing software in the applications menu and once opened you’ll see two options to choose from; You can create a video using your photos and video clips, adding in some background music from your collection for effect or create a simple slideshow with fancy backgrounds with your photos fading in and out, also with the ability to add your own soundtrack.

Let’s start with creating a video. Selecting the first option of the two will take you to your storyboard and this is where you’ll be adding your photos, videos, music tracks or even some text, this is perfect for adding a title and credits at the end like you’d see on the big screen. There’s also the option for inserting some nice transitions between scenes which makes the scene changes less clunky and more seamless.

One feature is that you can trim the videos or music tracks you want to include if they’re too long for your mini movie. This is easily done by pressing on the video clip or track and then selecting the trim option. Think of if as cropping, but for music and videos.

Once you’ve completed your video edit, you finish by pressing the save button. It then stitches all your scenes together and plays them out for you. The finished file will end up in your videos folder for you to send on to other people or just for you to view whenever you fancy.

Now let’s talk about the slideshow option. Slideshow lets you merge all your favourite images into one memorable collage. First you choose what style you want the slideshow to have, such as the blackboard theme for instructional videos, or the splash theme with a fun beachside backdrop for remembering your holiday to the Bahamas, or Brighton. Choosing what images to use can be tricky and you only get to use 32 from your collection in any one slideshow. Once you’ve made your pick, it’s now time to add a music track to bring it all to life. Press save and your medley of photos will be merged together, forever.

Chris Bennetts, Senior Product Manager at Nokia shows us how it’s done in this video. He gets to the photo/video editing bit at around 2:45 for those who are impatient.

Creating a slideshow is a great way to remember a birthday or a wedding, but creating a video is just fun for any occasion. Try the video editing software on your Nokia N8 and let us know how you get on in the comments below.