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GLOBAL – Today we’re looking at the top stories that have attracted you to the Nokia Conversations site over the last year, and from the top ten it’s very obvious that you’re obsessed by new phones. More than half of your favourite pages are about the launch of new devices from the hotly anticipated Nokia N8 through to the Nokia E5.

Interestingly, while the traffic to the site has continued to build over the year, five of the top ten stories were first published in April, and just one story was from the latter part of the year makes it onto the list.

So here’s our top ten, starting with the year’s most popular story.

1. Nokia N8 official! Price, specs and pics!

Back in April, we announced the first details for the year’s most anticipated product launch: the Nokia N8. The story was the first to release the full specification of the N8 and it also included the first glimpses of the N8 in action, along with HD videos produced by the device itself. Just as importantly – for many – it also announced the pricing for the device.

This page comes head and shoulders above the next on the list. With nearly 720,000 page views, it still regularly features in the ‘most read today’ list. It also produced 545 tweets on Twitter and 853 subsequent comments.

2. Nokia C3 launches (photo gallery)

In second place, with around 390,000 page views was the launch of the Nokia C3 in April. The Nokia C3 was launched with two other devices that day, but something about the C3 made this the most popular. Perhaps it was the full QWERTY keyboard, or the built-in messaging and social networking, or the one click access to Ovi Mail. Whatever it was it made these early pictures of the C3 very popular.

3. First 12-megapixel sample photos shot on Nokia N8 – untouched!

When the N8 was announced, nobody could believe it had a 12-megapixel camera, so it was no wonder that the third most popular page on the site was, a gallery of sample shots taken by the Nokia N8. The six pictures taken with the N8 created a huge amount of Twitter interest with 297 tweets about the page and 217 comments.

4. Nokia X6 16GB launched

The launch of the Nokia X6 16GB model caused another sensation in January. The more affordable baby version of the 32GB X6 – launched in October 2009 – had many of the 32GB model’s features and included four new finishes: all black, all white, white with pink highlights and white with yellow highlights, and pre-loaded games including Spore by EA, Asphalt 4 and DJ Mix Tour by Gameloft.

5. Dual SIM Nokia C2 revealed (photo gallery)

In June, Nokia Conversations got to announce the hotly awaited first dual SIM handset. The Nokia C2 offers the possibility of having one handset running two SIM cards simultaneously, and was targeted at the developing world. Which explains why the majority of people coming to this photo gallery page, were from Asia with 64 per cent of the total views – compared to the normal site averages for Asia of around 20-50 per cent

6. How do you hold your Nokia?

This quirky page from June asked the question how do you hold your Nokia? Readers may speculate that its popularity as a story may have something to do with a certain phone that was having problems with its antenna, because of the way users held the device, but we couldn’t possibly comment. However hundreds of thousands of you thought it important enough to view and a staggering 2059 of you tweeted it (it’s top of our tweet list), with 543 of you commenting on the story.

7. Nokia C6 unveiled (photo gallery)

This is the second post from the 13th April in the top 10 and marks the launch of the Nokia C6. The C6’s 3.2-inch HD touchscreen display, slide out four-row QWERTY keyboard, and the five-megapixel camera obviously excited you enough for over 200 thousand of you to take a peek at the pictures on offer, and it prompted a huge 747 comments to the page.

8. Nokia E5 revealed (photo gallery)

This is the third and last post from the 13th April in the top 10 and marks the launch of the Nokia E5. It wasn’t as popular as the C6, but at around 190 thousand page views it was still a big enough draw to get the E5 into the top ten.

9. Nokia N8 sample images – untouched

The original six pictures taken with the N8 obviously got you interested to see just what the 12 megapixel camera with its Carl Zeiss optics was capable of. So when we released these further pictures on July 9 readers went crazy. We shared almost 40 images in all, charting the development of the N8′s camera over a period of three months and it attracted over 173 thousand page views.

10. Skype for Symbian now in Ovi Store

In last place in this year’s top ten is this story from March of 2010 to mark the launch of the Symbian Skype app on to the Ovi Store. The app was the first fully featured Skype client for Symbian^1 and gave users the ability to make free Skype-to-Skype calls, send and receive instant messages and share files.