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GLOBAL – Before the Christmas festivities began, we asked you look back at the products and apps from 2010 and tell us your favourites. It’s now time to close the polls, count the votes and reveal the results. What are the best apps and products from 2010? Let’s find out.

Best product

Reaching the top spot, is your favourite the Nokia N8, with a staggering 62 per cent. What makes this your favourite product from 2010? Is it the 12-megapixel camera, the choice of three homescreens or the aluminium case? Whatever it is, you love it, and so do we.

Nearly 12 per cent chose the Nokia E7 as the best product from last year. Not a bad position, for a phone that hasn’t even been released yet.

Third in the polls, is the Nokia C7. Over six per cent like the glossy finish of the stainless steel and the glass-covered front.

Best app

Angry Birds steals first place with nearly a third of the votes with 31 per cent. Proving that firing small chirping creatures at fatter squealing ones makes great entertainment. We can’t disagree there.

Second, comes Nokia Panorama. With nearly 13 per cent opting for creating amazing panoramics with their phones. It’s great to see people being creative when trying to capture something when out-and-about.

Gravity wins third place with 12 and a half per cent. That £8 app’s still going strong, proving that not everything has to be free for it to be successful.

Other came fourth place with nearly 11 per cent, with the most popular suggestion being Opera, beating any other by far. Nimbuzz and SPB Shell draw in second and third, out of this 11 per cent total.

Nokia Nirvana in 2010 - according to your votes

So there we have it. The Nokia N8 and Angry Birds are what you, our readers, have voted to be the best from 2010. What do you think of these results? Are you surprised?