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GLOBAL – In last week’s Pick and Mix, we trawled the Net to find some of the greatest videos produced by the Nokia N8, with its HD-cinematic-prowess. This week we’ve sifted through thousands of images to bring you the best still shots, taken with the Nokia N8 using the Nokia Panorama app, from Ovi Store. Let’s take a look at them now.

  • Mark Guim from spent some time in Las Vegas, to report on the events from CES 2011. While out there, he took some photos and this amazing shot of the road vanishing into the desert and mountains ahead, is our favourite.
  • Who would’ve thought it? The Nokia N8 and Nokia Panorama allows you to clone your very own human being. Well, not strictly true, but with some moving the subject about, it gives the illusion of cloning. From Jay Montano, of
  • Krishnanblr shot a peaceful lake near Shimoga, India. The stillness of the water, captured beautifully as it stretches into the horizon. I spent some time overseas this holiday season and took a wide photo, too. Looking across a valley, which seem to go on forever in all directions.
  • Mark Guim, back in October visited the Golden Gate Bridge in California, bringing one of the first Nokia Panorama app images to surface on the Web. It’s amazing how the bridge seems to warp across the river.
  • Mac Morrison, taking inspiration from the Golden Gate Bridge photo, bags a great shot of Tower Bridge, London in the low-lying October sun.

What do you think of the images taken across the globe with the Nokia N8? Feel free to share your Panoramic images with us, too.