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BARCELONA, Spain – On Tuesday, US tech blog Engadget interviewed Nokia CEO Stephen Elop regarding the strategic alliance with Microsoft to produce devices with the Windows Phone OS. Stephen covers the decision-making process, price points, MeeGo and some of the other frequently-asked questions that have come up here on Conversations, so we thought it was well worth embedding it here…

If you’re short of time, here’s where you should fast-forward to for particular questions:

00:47 – Why not just get rid of Series 40 and push Symbian to lower price points?

01:15 – Nokia’s strategy segments – “mobile phones”, “smartphones” and “future disruptions”.

01: 57 – Will Nokia’s participation allow for Windows Phones at lower price points?

02:40 – How will Nokia keep and grow customers this year and transition customers to Windows Phone?

03:37 – How many Nokia users will transition to Windows Phone devices?

04:10 – What mission was Stephen given when he joined Nokia?

05:06 – How did Stephen’s Microsoft background affect the decision-making process?

05:57 – What’s the value exchange in this deal?

07:17 – How do other Windows Phone OEMs feel about the agreement?

08:06 – Where next for MeeGo?

08:43 – Can MeeGo and Windows Phone devices co-exist?

09:20 – The big question – launch dates?

Of course, we know you have lots more questions. Let us know below.

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