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GLOBAL – As always for us here at Nokia Conversations, Friday is a day where we take a look at what other people are doing on the World Wide Web and point you in their direction, should we find anything we think you may find interesting. Remote controlled cars, Nokia N8 photo competition and more are on the list…

  • Nokia Astound wins Best of CTIA Affordable Smartphone, but why? It’s all down to the AMOLED display, access to apps, a browser and the affordable data plan.
  • At the beginning of the month we brought you some videos from the winners of the Nokia N8 Producers, with a couple of homemade movies from the sans-gravity flight itself. There’s now an official video that shows all the winners floating about in the Boeing 727, having a great time in the process.
  • The Inquirer picked up the results on our poll about building phones for the next billion users, stating that our results – selected by you, our readers – show that the Nokia X1-00 could be built for the next billion.
  • We love a nice infographic. This one about the top mobile device manufacturers from Vision Mobile is especially nice – and not just for the story it tells about Nokia.
  • We’re sure many readers are following the progress of Windows Phone, and next week users will start to receive the ‘NoDo’ update, which adds Copy-and-Paste functionality to the operating system, among a number of other improvements. The Guardian reports.
  • Think you can work a camera(phone)? Well, if you’re any good then you should enter the competition to have one of your Nokia N8 photos plastered all over a billboard near your house. Making you (nearly)famous! Nokia is running the “Your Nokia N8 Photo on a Billboard”, but make sure your entry is submitted before 7th April 2011, or you’ll miss out.
  • We’re all very familiar and at ease with turning our phone to navigate to a new destination when on the road, or walking about. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do that when indoors, in somewhere like a shopping mall? NAVTEQ Destination Maps allows users to navigate inside buildings, finding shops, public toilets and other points of interest. Initial mapping will be carried out in the USA and in large shopping centers, but this could easily work in schools, university camp
  • So, it’s Friday, which means everybody is a eager to down-tools and start their weekend. Celebrations began slightly early for James Whatley and Ricc Webb from 1000heads today, as they take a few minutes out to play with a remote control powered car, controlled by a Nokia N8. It’s pretty cool, looks fun. Where do we get one?

Do let us know if we’ve missed anything this week, or where to bookmark for next week.