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GLOBAL – Once again we open our arms and embrace the wonderful – if sometimes rather odd – people of the World Wide Web, as we turn our eyes to other Internet sites and spread their findings further into the wild. It is of course time for Friday’s Pick and Mix. Number 39, the sum of the first three powers of three. There has to be some significance to that.

  • March 26th was the day of Earth Hour 2011 which we wrote about last week. Millions of people around the world took part in turning off their lights for one hour to help raise awareness of global warming. Here ia a huge collection of photos showing Earth Hour 2011 before and during the event. Thanks to for the collection.
  • For any fans of new and experimental apps will tell you, Nokia Beta Labs if the place to find cool new stuff. Well, besides spending all day developing these new apps, they’ve also had time for a little revamp. Head over to find out what’s changed and see the new look for yourselves.
  • The latest version of the Symbian platform’s source code, platform development tools, documents and other support materials is now available at Not very useful unless you are a platform developer, but a number of you have asked about this.
  • For those developers out there who are keen to learn about Qt, Nokia are holding training session in Oslo on 28th of April and in Copenhagen on the 17th of May. You can sign up here.
  • The team responsible for the Ovi Blog have been giving people outside the company a chance to share their story on how they became fans of Nokia. With many an article to choose from – all a good read – it’s always nice to hear how people have grown attached to a brand.
  • As we pointed out yesterday, Ovi Store now offers an app that will allow you to control your AR. Drone from your very own Nokia device. Today saw an AR. Drone landing on mars in an exciting new project. Here’s a video to prove it.